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Description of healthcare market research Poland

In developed countries pharmaceutical and medical market is very big. Nowadays it is growing also in developing countries. Altogether their sale soon will be worth trillions of dollars. Besides of research and development activities, companies from these market invest a lot of money in marketing, which include healthcare marketing research Poland. For some of medical and pharmaceutical corporations these means a quick and huge development, for example for giants, like Novartis, Johnson & Johnson or Pfizer. But for many of companies it is struggle because of high level of competitiveness. Probably those companies are willing sometimes to spend more money on the marketing than on research and development.

Research activity

Before, as a company manager, you spend a money on marketing, e.g. advertising campaign, it is wise to invest in marketing research for pharmacy and medicine. Marketing research is the best tool to obtain information about company’s clients, cooperators, competitors. But for actual and reliable data you need experienced market research agency. That means a good portfolio, a wide range of research methods and techniques, a big research team (statisticians, analytics, IT specialists, moderators, interviewers, pollsters) and a proficient realization. For pharmaceutical market research Poland you can choose from hundreds of agencies, but you have to be careful. Only small part of them is able to conduct solid medical market research.

Conducting of medical marketing research Poland

Specialists from marketing research agency prepare for you whole research process, from the beginning, which is the conception and overview, through the realization of the research to official return in analysis, report and presentation. For example, they help you understand customers/patients needs, physicians needs, medical facility staff needs. They can obtain data for analysis by qualitative research or quantitative research or a combination of techniques. In quantitative research, for example: web interviewing (CAWI), telephone interviewing (CATI), computer assisted personal interviewing (CAPI) and personal, paper interviewing (PAPI). In qualitative research: individual in-depth interviews (IDI), focus group interviews (FGI), case studies, mystery client. Its use depends on a conception of the research, target groups, time of realization. Analytics from market surveys agency decide how many people, which area and when to ask questions (it is important to chose to quantitative research people by demographic and economic variables, lifestyle, shopping preferences and experiences, health situation, etc.). When you have research techniques, target group and research questions, eventually you can conduct your survey “in the field”.